Prop 67: Plastic Bag Ban Referendum

7.06.2016 | Initiatives

Ballot Title

Referendum to Overturn Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags.


The ban on single-use plastic bags is in effect until 2020. It prohibits stores from providing a single-use carryout bag for customers. The ban also states that stores cannot distribute recycled paper bag unless they charge a fee. Another provision is that stores must provide reusable grocer bags to customers for another fee. These charges on the bags are to be kept by the store and can only be used for previously determined specified purposes.

Arguments For The Ban

“Plastic bags harm ocean fish and wildlife… Preserving the law would protect thousands of fish, birds and ocean animals that are harmed by plastic products every year. Plastic bags are a major source of litter in California. California needs this law to reduce a common source of litter.” – David Nielsen, CEO of Surfrider Foundation

Arguments Against The Ban

“Senator Padilla’s bill was never legislation about the environment. It was a back room deal between grocers and union bosses to scam California consumers out of billions of dollars without providing any public benefit – all under the guise of environmentalism.” – Lee Califf, Executive Director of American Progressive Bag Alliance

Supporters Website [Supporting the Ban]

Opponents Website [Opposing the Ban]

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