Prop 51: Public Education Facilities Bond Initiative

7.08.2016 | Initiatives

Ballot Title

School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statutory Amendment


This would authorize $9 billion in general obligation bonds: $3 billion for new construction, $3 billion for modernization of K-12 public school facilities, $1 billion for charter schools and vocational education facilities and $2 billion for California Community College facilities. Money from the General Fund would be appropriated to pay off the bonds.

Arguments For

“Pursuant to the California Constitution, public education is a state responsibility and, among other things, that responsibility requires that public schools be safe, secure and peaceful. The state of California has a fundamental interest in the financing of public education and that interest extends to ensuring that K-14 facilities are constructed and maintained in safe, secure and peaceful conditions.” – Findings and Declarations, Bond Initiative Petition

Arguments Against

“I am against the developers’ $9 billion bond. It’s a blunderbuss effort that promotes sprawl and squanders money that would be far better spent in low-income communities.” – Governor Jerry Brown

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