Prop 58: Multilingual Education Act

7.08.2016 | Initiatives

Ballot Title

SB 1174, Lara. English language education.


The Multilingual Education Act would repeal portions of Proposition 227, a measure requiring schools to teach students in English only. Under Prop. 58, schools could begin instructing students, such as English language learners, in their native language while they learn English. Students also could spend more time in classrooms where students are taught in multiple languages.

Arguments For

“Given the diversity of California, the vast body of research on the benefits of language-immersion programs, and the growing popularity of these schools, clearly public perception has changed on the value of multilingual education programs.” – Senator Ricardo Lara, measure sponsor

Arguments Against

“Being surrounded by English speaker has been shown to lead to faster proficiency among non-English speakers. Furthermore, being surrounded by other foreign language speakers has been shown to delay English acquisition. The ability to learn a foreign language is an advantage and should be encouraged among students… But in the United States, English proficiency should be the primary objective.” – Mauro Mujica, US English Chairperson

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