Prop 66: Death Penalty Reform and Savings Initiative

7.08.2016 | Initiatives

Ballot Title

Death Penalty. Procedures. Initiative Statute.


This measure changes the procedures governing state court appeals and petitions on challenging death penalty convictions and sentences. The superior court will see the first petition and there will be a limited number of successive petitions. There are now time limits on state court death penalty reviews. Appointed attorneys who take noncapital appeals are now required to accept death penalty appeals. Prison officials are exempt from existing regulation process for developing execution methods. Death row inmates can now be transferred among California state prisons and must work and pay victim restitution. Other voter approved death penalty measures are considered null and void if this measure passes.

Arguments for:

“Justice is not easy, and it is certainly not gentle. But justice denied is not justice. We the people of California have consecutively and systematically voted to reinstate and preserve the use of capital punishment despite the efforts of those who refuse to carry out an execution.” – Kermit Alexander, measure proponent

Arguments Against:

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